September 2011 Trail Managers Report

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Each day as the sun’s presence in the sky dwindles, we find ourselves entering our best and busiest time of year here at Kingdom Trails, but sadly that also means our mountain bike season is quickly coming to an end.  While the start of the season was wet and dreary, from July on we’ve been treated with ideal weather and riding conditions.  But enough of being all nostalgic… let’s talk about what you really want to hear about, THE TRAILS!!

This season my crews have been killing it on the trails and with about a month left to go,we still have some time to get a few more surprises completed for everyone.  The crew on the mountain has been busy getting Jester completed and as of last weekend, Jester is open and has been getting ridden hard!  Have you seen the bridge at the bottom?  It’s insane and we should all thank the hemlock trees that gave their lives for our enjoyment.  It’s the type of trail that you can ride again and again, never get sick of it and want to come back for more!  If only the lift could be running 24/7… now there’s an idea!  If you haven’t ridden this trail lately, do yourself a favor and get up here and ride it.

The Darling Hill Crew has pretty much put themselves on the map for being the raddest crew ever with the construction of Troll Stroll, a sweet sister trail to Tody’s and Tap n’ Die.  If you like what they’ve done so far, wait till they get done with the even newer trail, Eager Beaver!  Oh yeah, they’ve also pretty much been dominating on Burnham Down and getting even more bridges laid out.  If you don’t like bridges, this trail will be your worst enemy, if you love bridges it will be nirvana.  If you want to ride the longest bridged trail in the universe, then check out Burnham Down and roll along thousands of feet of bridging.

I’d write more and go on and on about how epic this place is, but I’d rather press the save button, upload this to the newsletter and GO RIDE!  See ya on the trails!

CJ Scott, Trails Manager

Kingdom Trail Association

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