Dog Policy

Dog Policy

NO DOGS ON WEEKENDS (Saturday & Sunday)
Pas de chiens le samedi et dimanche

Vermonter’s love their dogs and it is very enjoyable to spend time with them outdoors. Kingdom Trails would like to remain amenable to dogs using the trails but there are too many issues regarding dogs to ignore. Recently, a dog policy was formulated to ensure that the trails remain a positive experience for all users and the natural resource is not unnecessarily impacted. Some of the concerns about dog companions that were raised by the Board of Directors are as follows:

  • Safety of other users. A dog could cause a hindrance or accident with another user, especially a biker.
  • The health of the dog. Your dog may not be conditioned to follow at a quick pace for miles. Also, a collision could seriously injure the dog. Dogs also get lost on our trails and have often followed other users who then spend the rest of their time looking for the owner.
  • Imposing your dog on others. Though it is unfathomable to dog owners, some folks feel threatened by any dog. So you have just negatively impacted someone’s experience on the trail system.
  • Leash laws: The local municipalities that Kingdom Trails incorporate all have leash law ordinances.
  • Private Landowners: Most of Kingdom Trails traverse private property and we would not want an irreparable conflict due to a user’s dog to rescind our permission to use their property. Also many landowners have pets and livestock of their own and a dog’s natural instincts could cause a problem with either.
  • The impact on the environment and wildlife. Dog poop! Contains pathogens and not fun for others to discover. Dogs may chase or disturb a native creature that could injure either or both.

We thank you ahead of time for heeding this policy established to help mitigate these issues.

NO DOGS ON WEEKENDS (Saturday & Sunday)

Kingdom Trails always encourages its members and guests to leave their dogs at home. If they so chose to bring their dog Monday through Friday it must be in control at all times, preferably by a leash. Please clean up after your dog by burying the waste. We also request that folks do not leave their dogs in their vehicle or tied to a tree while they are out enjoying the trails.

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